I think there's a fine line between the challenge of rogue-like deaths, and the infinite continues of the modern game. When you know you only have one life to live, the adrenaline can get pumping, you have 1 health point left and your run is on a knife's edge. If you pull it off, there's not many better feelings in video games. If you die... it can suck. But you can't have the joy of life without the threat of death. 

But it's still a game. And there are positive and negative feedback loops. Too many negative loops, and people are going to give up. Beard & Axe is difficult. By some playtesters accounts VERY difficult. The honor system has been the cushion to this for some time in development. But that's all it is. Have honor, your game isn't completely over. Run out of honor, your save file is wiped and you're beginning again. Purely negative feedback and no reason to stack up on your honor number besides avoiding bad things.

And that's where the resurgence mechanic came in. By spending 3 (subject to change) honor upon death, Old Beard can pop right back up, dealing significant damage to nearby enemies. He'll be at full health and completely sober (yes there is a beer health bar). Resurgence can only be activated once per quest, so it's not heading toward a difficult imabalance. Honor finally has a purpose, and a bit of the crazy difficulty has been shaved off. But it's still a hard decision. I believe games at their core are a series of interesting decisions, so this plays quite well into that belief. 

Only a couple weeks left to launch! Super excited here at Dwarfaparte HQ. Balance and playtesting are the order of the day until July 12th. 

Thanks for having a read!

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