Beard of Stone is a turn based strategy 3x (no eXpansion!) in which you take the role of an ancient Dwarven King leading his clans to found a new hold in the far wildernesses of the world.

The Hall of the Dead, where all past Dwarven Kings reside in their stone repose, is in imminent danger. The clans come to hoist their ancenstral Lords onto great Biers and set out into the world to found new mountain homes, or perhaps perish in the attempt. They set out in all directions, hoping to preserve the Dwarven race and survive the cataclysms to come. As one of these Kings, you must guide your vulnerable caravan through the overworld, sending your Thanes and clans to gather resources and fight any enemies that endanger your progress. Buildings that convert raw material into more useful resources can be built, but when it's time to move on, they must be left behind!

Knowing when to move (the threats of the chaotic world descend on those that remain stationary for too long) and when to stop to gather resources and strength is the central crux of Beard of Stone. Resources once gathered never return, so constant, careful exploration is required to keep the clans in food, weaponry, and good spirits. Many necessities can be gathered in fields and hills, but valuable metal ores are only found in the underground layer,  with the risk of encountering powerful foes that lurk only in the darkness. 

Beard of Stone employs a turn based deck building mechanic for both the player' s units and the terrain hexes that make up the world. Each turn, a Thane can draw cards from his own deck, or cards from the terrain hex he occupies. If a unit that can gather food is drawn when a berry bush card is drawn from the terrain hex, the berries are harvested. This adds a depth to each hex that can only be fully exploited by drawing all the cards it contains. Combat works in a similar way, with smaller encounters being hidden in the terrain decks and larger wandering stacks of enemy units roaming the world. But drawing cards, doing battle (and many other actions) require the player to spend Influence. When Influence reaches zero, no more actions can be taken that turn. The player must decide which actions are the most important and focus his strategies to succeed.

After leveling up his starting lowly clans to more numerous and powerful beards, the Dwarven King can enter the end game and found a new Dwarven hold. This will be the biggest challenge of all however, as the evil that plagues the world rises up from the deeps beneath his new mountain home. If he can survive this final onslaught, his new Kingdom will be established and his quest will be complete.

Beard of Stone will be coming to Steam in 2019/2020. Follow along with development @dwarfaparte on Twitter!