A Top-Down Action Adventure Rogue-Lite

The Dwarf King of Half-Axe Hold has decided that his time to rule has grown overlong, and drinks from the ancient beer cask.

Creeping up slowly from his feet, the King's body turns to stone, preparing his entry into the hall of ancestral rulers that preceded him.

All would be successors will need to swear and fulfill many oaths if they wish to rule the hold.

Take the Oath

As an aspiring king, you must renounce all of your possessions and fight for every ball of shot, charge of powder and stein of beer.

Be careful how much you swear to bring back from your quests, for if you return with less, you will bring shame to your clan name!


Recover Your Clan Relics

To prove yourself worthy of rule, you must recover all artifacts lost by your ancestors, and do it before your competitors complete their own oaths.

The new King needs Thanes and a Master of Arms to accompany him, so be quick about your quests or you will end up as part of the retinue!


Fail and Lose It All

Every death means the loss of the supplies you carry, and the loss of some of the honor your name holds.

When your honor is gone, so too are you. You will be cast out and your bid for the kingship ends.