Based in Tennessee, United States

Founding Date:
August 13th, 2016


Press/Business contact:

Beard and Axe (July 12, 2018)


Dwarfaparte is a one man indie dev. I decided to work on games in my spare time because of my past interests intersecting towards the work. As a kid I was always drawing, first on paper and then on the computers at school whenever I got the chance. I spent a large part of my teens and twenties playing and recording music in a band. I started learning some coding here and there around the same time and, over the years (I'm in my early 30's now) it all came together with my life long love of video games (and board games) to find that I absolutely love the process of developing.


Beard and Axe was begun in late 2016, after a few aborted projects with which I cut my coding teeth. I've always loved games like A Link to the Past, Secrets of Evermore and other classic action rpgs, but also am fascinated with the current trends of rogue likes and lites  (I know the history of the roguelike genre goes way back, but my first contact with it is with recent titles). I liked the idea of a game where your resources really matter, and aren't scattered willy nilly and illogically around the world. And dwarfs. I mean, who doesn't love dwarfs? As the Dwarfaparte name implies, expect more games around the theme of bearded beer kegs in the future.